Damiani: Monza urgently needs 60 million

Damiani: Monza urgently needs 60 million

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Yesterday we wrote that the Italian government is ready to provide financial support to the organizers of the Grand Prix in Monza – according to Angelo Stikki Damiani, president of the national auto club ACI, the sooner such a decision is made, the better.

“We have repeatedly stated that the highway in Monza needs serious reconstruction, according to our calculations, this project will cost about 100 million euros, 60 of which are urgently needed,” Damiani said, meeting with the press in Florence at the Expo Move exhibition electric technology in transport. “We also said that ACI is ready to support the Grand Prix promoter.

However, funds are also needed for urgent work in Monza, because this is a very old circuit with a rich history: in three years it will be 100 years old, and we must prepare for this date. We must do everything in our power.

We managed to achieve a certain balance only thanks to the support of the Lombardy region. But this year the agreements with the FOM expire, they need to be extended, and now we are in very difficult negotiations with Liberty Media, which has inherited too many unnecessarily expensive contracts. ”

Stikki Damiani also commented on the situation of the Ferrari team, which ambiguously started the season a bit: “I knew that Charles Leclaire was a phenomenal driver, and now we have proof of this. In Bahrain, he was fast, he acted very reasonably – well, he knows how to conduct the race. The Ferrari machine worked perfectly, but for 10 laps before the finish, problems started – as far as we know, they were associated with a short circuit in the electronic control unit.

However, such things sometimes happen, and, unfortunately, they are difficult to predict. Everything happened completely unexpectedly, but Leclaire returned us the dream, and we are convinced that, together with Sebastian Vettel, they are fully capable of fighting for victory in the championship this year. ”