Daimler will test autonomous cars on the streets of Beijing

Daimler will test autonomous cars on the streets of Beijing

July 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The largest German concern Daimler AG received a license to test the fourth-level autonomous vehicles on Beijing’s public roads. V-class vans are used for the tests.

The capital of China was not chosen by chance. The streets of Beijing, as you know, are almost the busiest streets in the world. It is such a situation will be a good test for semi-autonomous and autonomous cars of the fourth level. This level, by the way, does not require the attention of the driver.

An important role was played also by the strengthening of the position in the China of the green transport and autonomous vehicles, which opens up great prospects for the Germans. In addition, the Chinese capital has a research center of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development China and several local partners.

The company is involved in the European project to develop unmanned vehicles. As part of this project, the Baidu Apollo software platform is used. In its tests, other manufacturers also use it.

By the way, before the permission to test autonomous vans in Beijing, the concern tested them at a closed metropolitan range. The license for such tests was not issued to international companies before, so Daimler was the first to receive it.

Daimler was told about the consequences for them of a trade dispute between China and America. Most likely, in 2018, sales of the company’s cars will fall dramatically.