Daimler will increase the range of electric cars to 700 km

Daimler will increase the range of electric cars to 700 km

August 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern said it is deepening its alliance with the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL to supply battery packs capable of providing Mercedes-Benz vehicles with a range of 700 km and faster recharge rates.

Daimler has already signed contracts for the supply of battery cells with Korean companies SK Innovation, LG Chem and Farasis in addition to Contemporary Amperex Technology, known as CATL, as it plans to ramp up production of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz will launch the EQS luxury electric sedan with CATL cell modules in 2021. This will provide it with a range of more than 700 km according to the WLTP method. Wednesday’s agreement with CATL says the partnership will include the supply of cells and entire battery systems, as well as pooling research.

“We intend to become a leader in battery technology, which is why we are now combining our own research and development with renowned partners,” Daimler said in a statement.

According to representatives of the German concern, the partnership is aimed at shortening development cycles, significantly increasing the range of future batteries by increasing energy density and reducing charging time.

CATL will use electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydropower to produce batteries, according to a joint release.

Note that the battery manufacturer is building a European plant near Erfurt, Germany that will supply batteries for Daimler.