Daimler unveiled large-scale plans to electrify their models

Daimler unveiled large-scale plans to electrify their models

December 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Throughout 2018, we were able to follow the presentations and announcements of future innovations from the giants of the automotive segment. And Mercedes did not stand aside. Now the company revealed some details of its global electrification plans.

Most global companies have reported allocating millions and billions of dollars to the development of electric cars. Mercedes is currently among the foremost, and in 2019 it will launch an electric crossover on the market. The most active concern is Volkswagen, constantly announcing ambitious plans and a complete change in the automotive segment.

Planning to complete the year loudly, the German concern Daimler once again spoke in detail about its own ambitious plans for the electrified line. This time, the company did not hide the scale of future plans. We already know that the concern is going to produce its own electric cars, as well as batteries for them. Now it became clear that the planned release of batteries at eight factories on three different continents.

 In total, the company plans to invest about 1 billion euros in the production of batteries. But this is nothing compared to the 10 billion that will be invested in the expansion of the Mercedes-Benz fleet. In addition, over the next 12 years, 20 billion euros will be spent on the purchase of rechargeable batteries from other manufacturers.

By 2022, the automaker plans to produce 130 electrified versions of their cars, adding to them electric vans, buses and trucks.

We also note that rumors about the possibility of entering the market for Maybach models as cars of a separate brand continue to appear. This time, the head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche spoke about some of the details.