Daimler risks losing billions of euros

Daimler risks losing billions of euros

February 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Since Volkswagen acknowledged that it has installed special devices on the engine control unit in order to deceive tests to analyze harmful emissions from diesel engines, German automakers continue to be pursued by ships and special commissions around the world.

German prosecutors have launched a new investigation against the Daimler concern in order to supposedly prevent a scenario similar to what happened with VW. As a result, this investigation can lead to an impressive fine.

Recall that last year the Ministry of Transport of Germany stated that at least 774 thousand Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe were equipped with unauthorized devices, which underestimated the actual data on harmful emissions. After that, Daimler was ordered to withdraw more than 200 thousand cars in Germany.

Prosecutors in Stuttgart are now completing a two-year investigation into Daimler and its individual employees. If the company is found guilty, it faces a large fine, which may be approximately equal to what Volkswagen paid in June last year – $ 1.13 billion.

Meanwhile, the US Environmental Protection Agency is also examining the situation with harmful emissions from Mercedes-Benz cars, and earlier this month, the German authorities began legal proceedings against Bosch, which provided unauthorized software for Volkswagen.