Daimler plans to issue up to 9 electric cars in 2024

Daimler plans to issue up to 9 electric cars in 2024

September 5, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

At least six electric vehicles are on the agenda of the German auto giant, said the source.

Reuters learned from a person close to the plans of Daimler, the company plans to start production at least 6 electric cars to compete with the future of cars with zero emission of harmful substances of Tesla and Volkswagen concern. In fact, it could be even about 9 electric cars as a result of increasing the production of electric cars and to prepare Mercedes-Benz for the future in electric cars sphere.

According to another source, the German trade magazine Automobilwoche, also close to Daimler, the Germans are preparing to release 6 electric cars between 2018 and 2024 years.

Now German companies are heavily investing in the development of electric cars, a segment that was once rejected by consumers because of low supply of mileage cars and high cost. However, the technologies development change the situation which began to improve, reserve of autonomous course without extra charge batteries is increased, and prices decline.

It is interesting to note that Reuters has learned that Mercedes is preparing a hybrid SUV with an internal combustion engine, which is paired with an electric motor and fuel cells. This model will have a level of zero emissions range of 50 km run. So far there is no information whether this model will GLC F-CELL, which has been presented as a prototype and will be introduced into production in 2017.

Currently, Mercedes is ready to present the concept in late September at the Paris Motor Show. This will signal that Mercedes is going to seriously develop the field of electric cars and new cars will become a part of the sub-brand “MEQ”. New cars will be ready to take the index “EQ” in their names. There has registered trademarks for different car names, including “EQA”, “EQB”, “EQS”, and “EQX”.