Daimler decided to say goodbye to the smallest Mercedes-Benz convertible

Daimler decided to say goodbye to the smallest Mercedes-Benz convertible

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The compact sports car with a folding hard-top brand Mercedes-Benz first released in 1996. Since then, he has changed two generations and the SLK designation on the SLC, and today his farewell performance Final Edition is presented.

Is that all, and the SLK / SLC will not have an heir? Daimler does not officially say anything about this, but the nature of the message on the Final Edition version says that the little roadster will soon go down in history. The German concern is now focused on the launch of at least a dozen types of electric vehicles, and traditional niche models may not have enough strength or time. In addition, the popularity of SLC over the past year has declined significantly: only 5,188 copies were sold in the key European market last year, whereas in the best years, the model was selling over 35,000 units. In the USA, SLK / SLC used to find 10 thousand customers a year, and in 2018 dealers managed to realize only 1993 roadsters.

The current third generation of the roadster with the factory index R 172 has been produced since 2011, in 2016, during the restyling, the car changed its designation SLK to SLC as part of the new proprietary model hierarchy, to which many Mercedes-Benz fans are still not used. Final Edition will not be limited, and it will obviously be available until the roadster is discontinued. The main feature of the final version is the exclusive yellow color sun yellow, reminiscent of the first generation SLK debut, which was also painted yellow, but that one was called yellowstone. On the current model, the yellow paint is combined with black glossy inserts in the wheels, exterior mirror housings and bumpers, while the AMG Line package with more aggressive bumpers, a 10 mm lower suspension and more powerful perforated brake discs is placed on the model. For the SLC 180 (156 hp), SLC 200 (184 hp) and SLC 300 (245 hp) versions, alternative exterior colors are available – black or gray, in this case, the inlays will be silver. But the top-end Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 Final Edition, equipped with a 390-horsepower V6 engine, is offered exclusively in yellow.


In the salon of the final version, two-tone (black / silver) upholstered nappa leather chairs with a hot air supply system to the neck area are installed. The head restraints and the upper backs are upholstered in leather, whose texture imitates carbon fiber. A part of the rim of the steering wheel and the “cap” of the automatic transmission selector with the SLC logo embroidered on it are also upholstered in “carbon-fiber leather”. Well, of course, the bundle includes numerous nameplates, inscriptions and embroidery Final Edition.

It will be possible to order Mercedes-Benz SLC Final Edition from European dealers already on February 22 at a price of 41,537 euros.

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