Daimler chief designer believes that the future of cars is in luxury

Daimler chief designer believes that the future of cars is in luxury

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Gorden Wagener, the chief designer of Daimler, spoke about his vision of future cars in an interview with foreign media. He also wants to make the brand the best luxury car manufacturer.

The media, in an interview with the chief designer, found out his opinion about the future of the company. Gorden Wagener was engaged, for example, Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Shuttle. He believes that the future of Daimler lies in rational luxury, which is directly linked to continuous development and environmental friendliness.

According to Gorden, unmanned transport systems will complement the usual cars, or completely replace their management.

 “Autonomy is easier to develop when you are dealing with flying vehicles, unlike those on earth. We already have planes that fly autopilot today! Everything on earth is much more complicated than in the air. You have so many factors, whether it’s pedestrians, traffic lights or unpredictable and difficult roads. ” – says Wagener.

 Thus, he said that the development of electric cars is facing a psychological problem from buyers. At the moment, there is discomfort due to the lack of charging points for vehicles. In addition, the ability of electric cars will gradually improve.

 “I want to make Mercedes my favorite brand, and I want to be sure that Mercedes is the most prestigious brand.” – says the chief designer, setting himself the goal of making the brand the best manufacturer of luxury cars in the world.