Daimler and Geely create a joint venture for transportation in China

Daimler and Geely create a joint venture for transportation in China

October 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, the German concern Daimler (Mercedes) and the Chinese giant Geely are in the process of creating a joint venture for passenger traffic in China.

Daimler is in the process of establishing a joint partnership with Geely in China. In the Celestial Empire, it is planned to open a new taxi service, the main transport of which at the start will be the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E-Class and V-Clas cars. Thus, both companies will try to become competitors for Didi Chuxing, which in 2017 occupied 90% of this segment.


Both companies will jointly develop the software infrastructure to be used in China. Also note that this can bring the company closer together. Today, Geely is the main shareholder of Daimler, and has a package of 9.69%.

Geely already has its own car rental service operating in China, called CaoCao. The service has more than 17 million registered users and serves more than 360,000 trips every day. Daimler also operates a car-sharing service in China and has more than 470,000 customers.

Meanwhile, as part of the active development of the Mercedes model line, and the active development of electric cars, the concern may abandon the Smart brand, and instead create its own MINI style line.