Daimler and BMW are thinking about a technology partnership.

Daimler and BMW are thinking about a technology partnership.

December 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Daimler and BMW are exploring opportunities for cooperation in the production of key automotive components. We are talking about the joint development of platforms, batteries, as well as autonomous control technologies.

Sources of Bloomberg in companies report that the issue is at an early stage of discussion, and cooperation between manufacturers will be limited only to those technologies that are not the brand’s know-how. The decision to cooperate may be associated with rising costs for the development of electric vehicles and UAVs: BMW and Daimler have already reduced profit targets due to lower sales and investment in development.

Technological partnership will not be for Daimler and BMW the first experience of mutually beneficial cooperation. The companies are already engaged in the joint procurement of components, and for 2.5 billion euros they have acquired the HERE map service. This year, the German brands decided to combine their own car sharing platforms.

In addition, BMW collaborates with Toyota. The companies jointly developed and produced the Z4 roadster and the Supra coupe. Daimler’s partners include the Renaut-Nissan alliance, with which the Germans are working on new engines and cars.