Daihatsu introduced four concept cars in Tokyo

Daihatsu introduced four concept cars in Tokyo

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese automaker Daihatsu presented a number of concepts at its booth in Tokyo.

All four concepts that we talked about earlier – an autonomous bus, a mini-truck, a three-row passenger car and a compact crossover – are positioned as a form of transport, which, according to Daihatsu, will support the future Japanese society.

Daihatsu IcoIco is a compact autonomous public transport designed to carry passengers, equipped with special devices for people with disabilities and traveling with bulky luggage, equipped with an oral assistant.

The second instance is Daihatsu TsumuTsumu. This is a compact truck that can be equipped with a mini camper or drones to choose from. The Daihatsu WaiWai concept is a three-row, 6-seater transporter designed for a hectic family vacation. Mini-crossover Daihatsu WakuWaku – a kind of Kei car, which boasts an unconventional trunk and storage space on the roof. The Daihatsu crossover concept features a hinged folding side door with hinges and a large volume of cargo space behind the rear seats.