DAF XF got an anniversary special edition

DAF XF got an anniversary special edition

February 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Dutch company DAF Trucks, specializing in the production of trucks, celebrated the release of the 250,000th Super Space Cab with a special “anniversary” version for its XF trucks.

Trucks DAF XF Super Space Cab in the performance of Celebration Edition will boast a luxurious interior and a special design of cabs that will decorate with special decor. For example, already in the basic modification, “anniversary” trucks gain access to elements of leather painted in a stylish cognac color. The cabs upgraded for the holiday rely on 4×2 FT and 6×2 FTG tractors, as well as any version of the rigid chassis. The power of the proposed motors is 450, 480 or 530 horsepower.

 It is interesting that the design of the internal space here directly depends on the country where the truck will go. The car will be equipped and designed according to the preferences of local motorists.

All trucks from the “anniversary” special series are based on Exclusive equipment, which implies the presence of leather trim. The developers also provided for a comfortable bed, which comes with a 15-cm DAF Xtra Comfort mattress. In addition, the truck already relies on a navigation system, climate control and a proprietary refrigerator in the “base”. The Jubilee DAF XF with a luxurious finish is already available from DAF Trucks dealers.