Dad printed a working Lamborghini Aventador for his son on a 3D printer

Dad printed a working Lamborghini Aventador for his son on a 3D printer

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This is a work in progress, but the car already has a Corvette V8 engine and a carbon “film” on top of the plastic body panels. According to the assurances of the engineer, the machine will be fully ready by next spring.

If you want to buy an Italian supercar Lamborghini Aventador version S, get ready that you will have to pay 400,000 dollars. Aventador S for this amount is offered with all-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, active suspension and a 740-horsepower engine that growls fascinatingly.

But if you don’t have that kind of money, then this video can tell you an idea how to become the owner of your dream without spending so much money on it! It should be said right away that the captured car is not a purebred Italian Lamborghini Aventador – the car looks more like an expensive Apocalyptic fighting vehicle than an Italian supercar.

It turns out that the author of this project is a caring father, who decided to print a copy of a sports car on a 3D printer, which his son Xander Backus really likes.

Once, an 11-year-old teenager, playing his favorite video game on the Lamborghini Aventador, turned to his father Sterling and asked if they could build this car in real life. Sterling, apparently with common sense and considerable ambition, literally accepted the challenge and started the project that you see here.

It should be recognized that Mr. Sterling is a real father who decided on such an ambitious project for his son. He is well-versed enough from the technical side, so the project was given to him, as he says, “quite easily”. To begin with, on a 3D printer, plastic body panels were created in the form of numerous sections, which were then glued together, after which everything was “wrapped” in carbon fiber to create a strong connection.

As you can probably hear from the video, this homemade Lambo does not have a powerful V12 – under its hood is a V8 from the American Corvette coupe. There are no details about the transmission, but as the creator of this masterpiece says, the project has not yet been completed. I also note several sports seats in the cabin, as well as hefty Wilwood brakes. It is reported that the project can be fully completed by next spring.