Dacia promises to release three new models at once by 2025

Dacia promises to release three new models at once by 2025

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Not so long ago, Renault presented a new development strategy called “Renaulution”. Through this document, we learned that Alpine will team up with Lotus and start producing electric vehicles. The low-cost brand Dacia will also be affected.

In the next few years, this Romanian automaker will expand its model range by adding three car innovations to it. One of them has already been announced – it will be a car from the C segment. It will try on the popular SUV body today.

The concept shows how it might look (cover photo). The image of the future SUV did not last long flashed during the presentation of Renault’s new business strategy. In appearance, the new cross seems larger and more reliable than the popular Duster. Here it is worthwhile to understand that the serial crossover may be significantly different from what was shown at the presentation. The future SUV will be 28 cm longer than Duster – 4 600 mm.

The new motor range will include hybrid power plants, as well as motors designed for alternative fuels.

Such a “grown” Dacia will appear after the release of two other new models: one of them will appear in 2022, and the second will have to wait until 2024.
Recall that Renault is trying to strengthen the relationship between Dacia and Lada in order to minimize costs, using one platform instead of four. By 2025, these automakers will present seven models, including the compact Lada, whose appearance is expected after the release of the Dacia C-segment.

Meanwhile, the updated frame SUV Kia Mohave has become safer and more high-tech. The novelty with the initial “autopilot” and advanced driver’s assistants was presented in the domestic market of the brand.