Dacia has announced the release of its first electric car Spring

Dacia has announced the release of its first electric car Spring

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The management of the brand confirmed that the new Dacia Spring EV will appear in car dealerships next year and will become the cheapest electric car in Europe.

The novelty, based on the Dacia Spring Electric concept car, presented in March, is called the “next revolution” in the new car market. Prices have not yet been confirmed, but in order to become the cheapest electric car in Europe.

Romanian Electric Hatchback is an updated version of the Renault K-ZE, which is currently available in China. The model will be 3.73 meters long, making it more Volkswagen Up! and the three-door MINI. It features increased ground clearance and design elements borrowed from SUVs, such as front and rear skid plates.

    “It contains Dacia ingredients, this is what will satisfy customers, but at the same time it will be cost-effective. Our goal is to create a brand with the best value for money, and we will do it with every model we launch, ”said Mikhail Bordyanu, head of global marketing at Dacia.Dacia, says that the upcoming Spring Electric will be homologated in order to have maximum stock more than 200 km on a single charge, in accordance with the WLTP standard used in Europe. The automaker has not published any more technical specifications of the model, but the City K-ZE uses a 26.8 kW / h battery that powers a 44-hp electric motor that drives the front axle. Renault may change the power plant to prioritize the Dacia Spring Electric. This will make the car more competitive with more powerful competitors equipped with larger batteries such as the Skoda Citigo e-iV.