Dacia Duster crossover got a version for the future

Dacia Duster crossover got a version for the future

July 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A talented artist Artyom Trofimenko decided to make a real space SUV based on the compact Dacia Duster crossover – or maybe many years later, such cars would be driving around the streets of our cities.

The car, which seems to have come down from science fiction films, was created by Artem Trofimenko and is his dissertation for a bachelor’s degree. Since he spent a lot of time presenting the very popular in our time French crossover in a very unusual light for him, remaking it from almost all possible sides, we decided to share this creation with you.

As you already understood, the appearance of the car of the future is not similar to the fact that the Romanian automaker – the company Dacia, can present in the foreseeable future, even in conceptual form.

 But what about the salon? Fortunately, its creator presented it with a fully functioning interior, which, again, is made in a futuristic design. Well, what can I say, it looks weird, even very, but still it is very, very good work!

It seems that the interior was inspired by the concept of the BMW Gina 2008, which has a similar principle for some moving parts. Elsewhere behind the square steering wheel is a digital screen, which we believe can expand with the touch of a button to fill the entire width of the dashboard. The traditional center console is not, and the interior of the crossover, although it is apparently already a full-fledged space SUV, is decorated with light blue details and received natural lighting.