Cyclists Charged Tesla Model X

Cyclists Charged Tesla Model X

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Nine professional cyclists charged an electric car battery in 20 minutes.

In the future, you can power your electric car just by riding a regular bike. In a recent episode of the Finnish television show, inventor Janne Kapilehto demonstrated a system that converts the energy of nine bikes to a charging station, which in turn powers the Tesla Model X.

To test his system, Kapilehto attracted nine professional cyclists on tracks and roads to pedal stationary bikes as much as possible for 20 minutes. In just one training session, cyclists generated just over 1 kilowatt of energy to ultimately increase the Model X’s stock of 1.2 miles. It’s a lot? Of course not – but it’s exciting.

There are different ways to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. For example, in a thermal power plant, water is heated to produce steam, which drives a turbine and generates electricity.

In humans, a lot of energy is lost in the bodily processes that support us, for example, when breathing. This is one of the reasons why we are not efficient energy producers, unlike power plants that are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

This is not the first time a pedal is used to generate electricity. In 2015, Olympic German bicycle racer Robert Förstemann used his massive ATVs to toast one slice of white bread. At the end of his efforts, he brought the bread to a golden brown color, but also brought himself to exhaustion.

The traditional charging of electric vehicles in the near future will not be replaced by alternatives from humans, but it’s still great to know that you can increase your EV – and the toaster – yourself.