Cybertruck has an unexpected problem: he does not fit into the garage

Cybertruck has an unexpected problem: he does not fit into the garage

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Tesla pickup truck now has to be finalized with a file: we don’t know the exact size yet, but most likely the car is the size of an Ilon Mask and with a roomy trunk in a standard American garage.

The chopped-up Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck has excellent aerodynamics, but there is an unexpected problem: the car is slightly larger than the average American garage. While the exact dimensions of the new product are unknown, but Elon Musk already says that the company is ready to slightly reduce them.

As in the case of the study of the drag coefficient, the story of the size of the pickup began with a study on the Web: the author of the YouTube channel Tesla Raj said that the pickup does not fit in the middle garage.

Cybertruck has already been seen on public roads – in Hawthorne, not far from the SpaceX headquarters, where the presentation of the new product took place. A Tesla Model X crossover was driving right behind him, so the size of the new product could be estimated quite accurately.

Electrek also recalls that during the presentation of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk, standing next to him, was the same height as the car in height – that is, about 190 cm. This is similar to the modification of the Ford F-250/350/450 Super Duty pickup and 10 cm taller than the Ford F-150.

Musk during the discussion promised that in the lower position of the air suspension, the pickup will not be higher than the F-150. Length can also be a problem. But, perhaps, it will be possible to reduce by 15 centimeters without harm to the design or functionality. Ilon emphasized that neither the space in the cabin nor the carrying capacity would be sacrificed.

The head of Tesla also once again mentioned the possible development of a more modest-sized pickup version – approximately 185 cm high.

Despite the lack of accurate information, more than 200,000 pre-orders arrived at Cybertruck in the first three days after the presentation.

By the time it enters the market, Cybertruck will not be the only offer for those who want to buy an EV pickup: GM is preparing its answer, as well as an ambitious startup Rivian.