Cyberbunker developed for Tesla Cybertruck

Cyberbunker developed for Tesla Cybertruck

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The designer introduced the concept of a smart garage for the new Tesla pickup truck.

The presentation of Tesla Cybertruck greatly stirred up the public, because the car caused a wave of diverse creativity associated with its unusual design.

Designer Lars Buro from New York, has developed his own garage design in the style of Cybertruck. This work received a very eloquent name – Cybunker. According to Lars, the “bunker” would be approximately 1800 square feet, which would be enough to store several cars.

Looking at this work, you can immediately find the features of a pickup truck in the exterior of the building. On the roof of the angular building there was a place for solar panels, which will provide the room with electricity. There is also a relaxation room.

Most likely, customers would be able to customize the Cybunker interior to their own preferences. It is worth noting that the developers told that: the project is currently “at the design stage”, and information regarding pricing and availability will arrive in early 2020.

Given the style and declared capabilities to withstand adverse environmental conditions, this Cybunker could find its customers.