CX Racing will offer to equip the new Supra engine from the old

CX Racing will offer to equip the new Supra engine from the old

February 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This, of course, about 2JZ-GTE: one of the most famous, respected and still in demand for tuning engines. This 3.0-liter engine was equipped with a range of Toyota models, incl. Supra previous generation.

It is worth mentioning that in this approach there is a lot of populism shown by Toyota itself. Even before the premiere of Supra, the specialists who worked on the project quite officially stated that “the Supra A90 engine compartment will easily accept 2JZ”. It is no secret that many fans of the model and the Japanese sports cars were disappointed that the Supra will be equipped with BMW engines, and not Toyota. Some form of recognition that tuning with the involvement of an old, but still highly sought-after motor is possible, allowed by the Japanese company, should have somewhat softened the negative mood of potential buyers.

Without going into arguments about how logical it would be to install an engine almost 30 years old under the hood of the newest model in 2019, the American company CX Racing announced the imminent release of a similar tuning package. Californians have not yet shown a finished car: the shipment of new Supra to buyers has not yet begun. Published only graphics on which 2JZ is visible under the hood Supra. In this case, much remains to be redone, and it’s not even about the battery, which the Supra, like many modern BMWs have in the back, but on the published image in the front. Improvements can be so significant that the costs reach unreasonable limits, although there are no specific figures.

Probably, such projects will be sporadic, created for the sake of the show and to attract attention, but even deeper professional improvements are possible.