Custom Yamaha XSR900 from JVB Moto

Custom Yamaha XSR900 from JVB Moto

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the Yamaha Yard Built program, the company resumed contact with German customizer Yen von Brauk, with whom she had previously collaborated. The result of this cooperation was the CP3 bike, based on the above model.

Project Yamaha Yard Built has been successfully operating for over seven years. Under the leadership of Brauka, JVB Moto took part for the first time in it with the Infrared retro-bike, something between the dragster and the V-Max 2015 cafe-racer. And it was impossible to recognize the original donor in it. After that, there was still Super 7, I mean the converted XSR700, and now the workshop has introduced the CP3.

For the first time, the bike appeared at the festival of cafe-racers in 2019 and even won the Best of Show nomination. For his project, Brauk picked up a three-cylinder engine of 850 cm ³, original, as it is.

Also available are the Termignoni exhaust system, front brake discs from Behringer, Pirelli Super Corsa tires, a different saddle, etc. The entire custom package will be available to Yamaha customers from the beginning of next year.

 Kastomizer told that when creating this bike he was inspired by the concept cars of the 70s and 80s of the last century. “It makes you feel more concept bike than a custom one,” says Brauk. “I wanted it to look more minimalist than retro, and also fast, but not aggressive.”