Custom XSR700: a kit that you can screw with a screwdriver

Custom XSR700: a kit that you can screw with a screwdriver

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier, we wrote about the XSR900 custom from JBJ Moto, created as part of the Yamaha Yard Built project. This time we will talk about the “bolted” alteration of the XSR700 model by Hookie Co. masters

Yard Built is a series of custom, the winners of which are determined by spectator voting. Participants are limited to one model and budget. Team Blue awards the most popular assembly with a cash prize. This time, the German workshop Hookie Co., known for its kits for the BMW R nineT, excelled. Taking the opportunity, the craftsmen not only assembled the angular XSR700, but also developed a bolt-mounted motor kit in the process.

The brief description for Yard Built 2019 stated that the XSR700’s interpretations should be “playful, sporty, and classic.” Hookie Co. fully embodied these parameters in their work.

This work combines an untreated metal surface with mild yellow accents. Of course, it is very different from the usual road bikes, but this is great. In addition, Hookie Co. tried and made it so that this kit can be mounted on your XSR700 with improvised tools.

The kit includes an aluminum gas tank, an acrylic mount to it with 3D printing, an Alcantra-trimmed saddle, an SC Project exhaust system and a 689cc engine. Also available is a new LED headlight and 17-inch alloy wheels with dual sports tires Pirelli MT60.

This kit for the XSR700 is compatible with the 2016-2019 model and costs 3,320 euros or about 3,700 dollars. Hookie Co. They say that car owners will be able to independently update their bikes with the help of a bolted-on kit, as well as returning to its original appearance without any problems.