Custom Chevrolet Tourliner or the most unusual motorhome

Custom Chevrolet Tourliner or the most unusual motorhome

December 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This motor home was created on the basis of a 1954 Chevrolet Tourliner truck. All work on the project was completed in 2010.

Someone named Russ Moen from the city of Port Alberni, Canada, dreamed of creating a truck suitable for road travel, and that is why he took the 1954 Chevrolet COE pickup truck as the basis for his project. He decided to call his creation Chevrolet Tourliner.
The result of this five-year assembly was a completely “custom” version of the Chevrolet COE truck, which is equally similar to both an exhibition car at some tuning festival and a tourist car, and I must say that it looks very cool.

This project started off quite simply – Russ Moen decided to combine the Chevrolet COE pickup truck with an existing camping trailer. As is usually the case with similar ideas, Mr. Moen soon realized that the factory chassis of the truck would not be able to support the extra weight. So he set about assembling a classic truck cab on the top of the chassis from a 1985 motorhome and creating a custom housing for the living quarters. It was also decided to install a 5.9-liter Cummins 5.9-liter turbo diesel engine under the hood of the car, which produces a maximum power of 400 hp.

  The true beauty of this motorhome is inside, where a combination of rich leather and high-quality wood products demonstrates the master’s great skill. The cabin is equipped with plenty of pleated dark brown leather, and the old cabin has modern amenities such as power windows, heated seats. Access to the bedroom with one bed, living room with one bathroom is possible through the passage through the cabin or through the external door, and here you will find the interior, which presents birch wood with cherry trim and teak floors.