Custom BMW R600 with 1,500 cc Volkswagen engine

Custom BMW R600 with 1,500 cc Volkswagen engine

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A bike called the BMW Volkswagen Fikobike was finalized by Lee Fykes in the distant 1967. He was going on it in his honeymoon, so he thought that the 1,500 cc VW engine for travel was the most.

For such an important event as the honeymoon, Fyx acquired the BMW R600. However, it seemed to him that for two people and the luggage capacity of a 600 cc engine was not enough. Then he replaced the boxer unit with a four-cylinder inline VW with a volume of 1,500 cm³. Another reason for the replacement was the presence of the company’s plant in Mexico, where Fyx went with his wife. Thus, he could count on professional help in the event of a breakdown.

 He modified the motor itself with valve covers Thomas Tomahawk. Among other modifications of the custom, it is worth noting the Earles plug, double headlights, trunk mounts and the dashboard.

 The VW 1,500 stock engine was a great success because it was simple in construction, easy to maintain and small in size. Its appearance on the market dates back to the 1930s, and various modifications were released until 2008. The unit was installed on motorcycles, buggies, tractors and boats.

The first owner used this cast for some time after the honeymoon, and then sold it. Now the motorcycle is again for sale, but already at RM Sotheby’s auction.