Curtiss introduced its new electric Hades

Curtiss introduced its new electric Hades

July 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The newest model, replenishing the electric line of the brand was built with the participation of one of the most famous designers in the world JT Nesbitt.

New from Curtiss Motorcycles is scheduled to be launched into production only next year, but the company has already named the price. So, the Hades electric bike will cost $ 75,000. Information about the technical part is not much. It is known that the motor produces power of 217 hp. and 199 Nm of maximum torque. And this despite the fact that the transmission, according to the manufacturer, is still being optimized.

The battery capacity is expected to be 16.8 kWh at 399 V. Power will be supplied from one horizontal battery compartment, which transmits current through a patented controller and engine block.

┬áJTN Nasbitt worked on the bike, joining the company’s design team about a year ago. He worked on the project in his own studio in New Orleans. First of all, he is famous for working on the Confederate Wraith and the second generation Hellcat of the same brand. Recall that Curtiss is the reborn Confederate.