Cupra Formentor will receive a cyclist detection function

Cupra Formentor will receive a cyclist detection function

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Cupra tries to save cyclists with a function that will sound an alarm if the driver tries to open the door when one of them drives by.

The technology used by Formentor is designed to prevent cyclists from “getting” into opening car doors. The manufacturer cites UK statistics that show 17,550 cyclists were injured in 2018, many of them in door-opening incidents, with 99 dead. In Europe, cyclists account for about 8% of all deaths, and this number is slowly increasing.

To prevent injury to cyclists, Cupra Formentor uses reversing cameras to detect fleeting traffic outside to give the driver and passengers an audible warning if they are about to open the door. Cupra offers this technology in conjunction with Dutch Reach, which recommends using the hand farthest from the door to open the door, giving drivers and passengers a better view of the outside before opening the door.

The Formentor is the first car developed exclusively by Cupra. It is a coupe-like SUV that is available with seven powertrain versions, including two plug-in hybrids, ranging from 148 to 306 horsepower.