Cruise autonomous cars will take to the road without a test driver

Cruise autonomous cars will take to the road without a test driver

November 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

To achieve this, the company had to obtain permission from the authorities. As a result, this issue was resolved, and now the brand is ready to test its cars on the streets of San Francisco.

As a reminder, back in 2016, GM acquired a Cruise Automation startup specializing in autonomous cars. Now this promising company is ready to bring its autonomous car to city streets without a test driver. In previous tests, he sat behind the wheel in order to quickly secure the “smart” electronics.

This was made possible thanks to a permit obtained from the California Department of Transportation. Cruise isn’t the first company to be allowed to test driverless autonomous cars. True, test drives were carried out in small towns.

Cruise will bring its unmanned vehicles to the streets of San Francisco. This city is considered one of the most difficult to drive. So the real “baptism of fire” awaits the autonomous cars here.

Tests will begin this year. First, Cruise autonomous cars will explore several areas, and then the entire metropolis.

By the way, autonomous cars Cruise are already actively used in the contactless delivery of all kinds of goods and products. This service is available to San Francisco residents from mid-spring. Specialists are still monitoring the work of autonomous cars.