Crossover will correct the affairs of Genesis in the market: photo SUV in the own body

Crossover will correct the affairs of Genesis in the market: photo SUV in the own body

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Genesis brand was created by Hyundai in 2015, at the moment there are three sedans in its line: G70, G80 and G90. Last year, the brand introduced the harbinger of its first crossover – the GV80 concept. In early 2018, the network posted pictures of SUV tests, but then the paparazzi caught only the “mule”, which tested the “filling” of the future production model: as a “shell” Koreans used Hyundai Santa Fe of the previous generation. Now in the blog Naver appeared a photo of the crossover supposedly in the “native” body.

Due to the dense camouflage it is not yet possible to determine whether the product SUV has retained the design of the concept. However, spy photos of restyling Genesis 90 and G80 of the next generation were earlier published – in sedans optics and radiator grilles are made in the style of the prototype GV80, so that the crossover will most likely be similar to its forerunner.

Like other models of the brand, the all-terrain vehicle is probably built on a longitudinal rear-wheel-drive platform. Engines novelty can also get from the sedans – it’s about the gasoline four- and six-celinder engines, the top cross can get a five-liter V8. In addition, the Korean media propose a new diesel for the commercial implementation of the GV80, but there is no data on it yet. Another crossover will certainly acquire a hybrid version. Note that the concept was equipped with a hydrogen power plant with fuel cells.

It is expected that the first serial SUV brand Genesis debuts next year. The crossover should spur interest in the brand, whose sales can not be called successful. So, in January-July 2018 (there are no data for August yet), 35,919 Genesis G70, G80 and G90 sedans were sold in Korea – this is more than last year (31,932 units), but for the indicated period of 2017 in the Korean market there were only two older four-doors sedan (the G70 went on sale in September 2017). If you compare the results of only two models, you get a “minus” – for seven months in 2018 Genesis sold on the home market 28 211 cars G80 and G90.