Crossover Nissan tried to drive over the pedestrian bridge. Failed

Crossover Nissan tried to drive over the pedestrian bridge. Failed

November 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The blocked crossover was discovered by random passers-by

Residents of the American state of Colorado, returning home by their usual route, discovered an unusual find. A black Nissan Rogue is stuck on a bike bridge built over a river.

How the Nissan Rogue got to the bridge is still unclear. It is also unknown what became of the crossover driver. Locals assume that the owner of the black Nissan was drunk and decided to cross the river on a narrow bridge. Realizing that the size of the car would not pass between the fences, the driver blocked the car and left in an unknown direction.

Local residents were not happy with the situation, since the river bridge is the only way they get to work. At the moment, the stuck crossover has already been evacuated. However, given the narrow space between the fence, how the emergency workers managed to do this is still a mystery.

An abandoned Jeep Wrangler was found in California in late September. The driver, by some unknown means, drove the SUV high on a narrow cycle track of the hill, was unable to continue and escaped, abandoning the car. Two days later, the story of the Jeep Wrangler abandoned on the mountain bike track ended with a happy ending: the car was evacuated by the efforts of the local off-road community.