Crossover Honda CR-V became a hybrid

Crossover Honda CR-V became a hybrid

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At its stand in Frankfurt, the Japanese brand introduced an all-wheel drive version of the Honda CR-V crossover with a hybrid powerplant.

For the crossover performance, the i-MMD hybrid unit is responsible, which includes a 2.0-liter 150-hp gasoline engine power and an electric motor for 184 hp I-MMD technology provides 3 modes of operation of the unit: EV Drive (powered by a lithium-ion battery), Hybrid Drive (starts the electric generator) and Engine Drive (connects the fuel motor to the wheels using a blocking clutch). Transmission in its usual sense in the car does not exist.

The crossover has a rather attractive appearance, which is emphasized by the front optics, the aggressive design of the radiator grill, and the rear light devices, which are located in two planes at once and highlight the window sill of the tailgate.

The car’s interior is characterized by luxury and high-quality materials. CR-V Hybrid received an infotainment complex with support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Google Maps and Siri. Instead of the traditional gear lever, a button control panel is installed.