Crossover from BYD “in the style of Mercedes-Benz” was shown in new photos

Crossover from BYD “in the style of Mercedes-Benz” was shown in new photos

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The large Denza X crossover with a 587-horsepower hybrid under the hood will debut at the Guangzhou Chinese auto show.

Chinese BYD and German Mercedes-Benz introduced a new large crossover under the common Denza brand, which is already ready to go into series. This is a hybrid Denza X, in fact, representing a second-generation BYD Tang, the appearance of which was thoroughly worked by experts from Mercedes. A sign confirming this fact even appeared on the car body – “Styled by Mercedes-Benz” (“design from Mercedes-Benz”). They promise to organize their debut next week at a motor show in Guangzhou, China. In the meantime, look at the “fresh” photos of a powerful crossover and remember everything that is known about it.

 In terms of dimensions, Denza X repeats BYD Tang: length – 4,890 mm, width – 1,950 mm, height – 1,725 ​​mm, wheelbase – 2,820 mm.

These two models have similar shapes and lines of glazing, but all body panels for the new items were created anew. Denza X borrowed the head optics, by the way, LED, from the concept of the same name, which debuted in the summer. The taillights here are united by an expressive LED strip.

Germans were also responsible for the interior design. The central place here was given to the tablet, with which you can control multimedia and individual functions of the car. If desired, you can change the position of the screen (its diagonal reaches 15.6 inches) – from horizontal to vertical.

A digital dashboard was located behind the wheel, and a convenient KP joystick was placed on the tunnel, above which there was a place for three round air ducts. You can adjust the position of the seats using special remotes on the doors. Such a feature is in Mercedes models. When decorating the interior used leather and wood inserts.

The Denza X is powered by a 587-horsepower hybrid, consisting of two electric motors and a two-liter turbo engine. Transmission – 6-speed preselective “robot”. Over time, an electric crossover with a capacity of 245 hp is also expected, capable of driving about 500 kilometers on a single charge. Sales of new items in China will begin next year.