Crossover Ferrari Purosangue first caught the video

Crossover Ferrari Purosangue first caught the video

October 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Test mule Ferrari Purosangue with a body GTC4 Lusso filmed at the factory in Maranello

On the territory of the Ferrari plant in Maranello for the first time managed to shoot an early prototype of the first crossover of the brand – Purosangue. A test mule with new-car units and a GTC4 Lusso body delivers increased ground clearance.

On the market Ferrari Purosangue will be released in 2022. The crossover, although the manufacturer prefers to avoid this term, will be built on the new Front- and Mid-Engine Architecture platform and will be equipped with a gasoline-electric power plant based on the V6 engine. For the sake of ideal weight distribution on the axles of the internal combustion engine, the front axle will be installed within the base, and the gearbox and hybrid node will be installed at the rear.

From the presentation of the model, it became known that the Purosangue will receive a full drive, a new, innovative suspension with adjustable ground clearance, an infotainment system for the rear passengers and an updated system for managing the main functions of the car.