Created the world’s first new Toyota Supra on the manual transmission

Created the world’s first new Toyota Supra on the manual transmission

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The European Auto Group tuning studio has completed work on the first new generation Toyota Supra equipped with a manual gearbox. The sports car will debut at the SEMA show.

European Auto Group specializes in installing mechanical transmissions on those cars that the manufacturer only equipped with automatic machines. Since Toyota recently flatly refused to produce a “three-pedal” modification of the Supra, this sports car inevitably had to replenish the list of studio projects.

Tuners installed a six-speed BMW box, which is fully compatible with all factory buttons and functions, including even driving modes. By the time of the debut at SEMA, the studio wants to install a gear lever with a hinged lid in the sports car, under which the button for activating the sports mode will be installed.

All technical work has already been completed, before the premiere at the tuning show, it remains only to finish the interior a bit. A full swap for a mechanical transmission, including spare parts and work themselves, was estimated at 12 thousand dollars.

Toyota Supra will never be released from the factory with manual transmission – Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the brand, first said that if there is high demand for such a modification, the company will consider the option of producing “Supra” with a manual box. However, later in an interview, he said that such a sports car would never get off the assembly lines of Toyota, and if one of the brand’s fans wants a manual transmission car, he can always buy himself a GT86.