Created a huge armored car to ride every day

Created a huge armored car to ride every day

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The civilian version of the Inkas Sentry SUV has been updated

Canadian company Inkas has updated the civilian version of the Sentry SUV, designed for law enforcement. The car is built on the basis of a heavy pickup truck and, as an option, offers body reservation up to the level of ballistic protection BR6. In this case, it will be protected from firing by automatic weapons with 7.62 caliber bullets and the detonation of two DM51 fragmentation grenades.

Inkas Sentry Civilian is based on the Ford F-550 platform with reinforced suspension, brakes and a new body. The armored car is driven by a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine that produces more than 330 horsepower. Box – ten-speed automatic; drive – full. The cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers. At their disposal there is a heating and air conditioning system, minibar, safe, access to night vision and all-round visibility systems.

The special forces Inkas Sentry MPV version is slightly different from the civilian vehicle. He has armor level BR6, a more powerful engine (367 forces) and a six-band automatic. The maximum speed of the Sentry MPV is 140 kilometers per hour. Depending on the purpose, the armored car can be equipped with a rotary turret, a sound alert device, an electronically controlled winch, night vision system and additional protection for the engine compartment.