Crash tests prove the danger of loose cargo in the trunk

Crash tests prove the danger of loose cargo in the trunk

June 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Corresponding crash tests were carried out by the German automobile club ADAC.

The famous German Automobile Club ADAC conducted two crash tests to find out how loose luggage behaves in a head-on collision. In the first car, all the things in the trunk were fixed, and in the second – not. After that, both cars collided with a rigid stationary barrier at a speed of 45 km / h. Note that in both cases, Volkswagen Golf wagons were used.

As expected, the mannequins seated in a car with luggage secured did not receive any damage. But the mannequins from the second car were much less fortunate. From a sudden stop, things in the luggage compartment flew forward at the driver and passengers at the same speed with which the car was moving – 45 km / h. Obviously, the backrests had practically no effect on the luggage, but seat belts and airbags played a cruel joke with mannequins – the latter were simply jammed.

Based on the results, the experts concluded that even on a short trip it is necessary to thoroughly fix things in the luggage compartment. To do this, you can use nets, spreader hooks, belts and organizers issued by the car manufacturer. It is also recommended to lay heavy things down and lighter things up. Fragile and sharp objects should be packed in soft materials and boxes as best as possible.