Cows and pigs affect global warming more than cars

Cows and pigs affect global warming more than cars

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Greenhouse effect from livestock surpassed car emissions

Greenpeace, an international organization, has published a new report in which it noted that the level of greenhouse gas emissions from cows, pigs and other livestock has a greater impact on global warming than the automotive industry.

Greenpeace’s new report indicates that greenhouse gas emissions from livestock exceed the environmental impact of all EU vehicles. According to environmentalists, even in the event of a complete transition of EU residents to electric cars, the level of carbon dioxide emitted by animals will continue to worsen the ecological situation.

According to the UN data for 2018, livestock in Europe emitted about 502 million tons of carbon dioxide. In the same year, vehicle emissions were 656 million tonnes. However, if we take into account the indirect emissions of greenhouse gases from the cultivation and production of feed for animals, as well as deforestation, the total environmental damage amounted to about 70 million tons of methane.

In addition, environmentalists are worried about the increased level of meat consumption, which increased by 9.5% from 2007 to 2018. In this regard, the level of greenhouse emissions increased by 6%. This effect is comparable to 8.4 million ICE vehicles driving on the road. According to experts, if greenhouse gas emissions from farm animals continue to grow, the European Union may not fulfill its obligations to reduce emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Last September, Greenpeace published a report describing the impact of major automakers on global warming. 2018 data showed that one Volkswagen emits more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire Australian industry – but the share of cars in total pollution of the planet is only nine percent.