Coupe Apex AP-0 will compete for the title of driver’s electric car

Coupe Apex AP-0 will compete for the title of driver’s electric car

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hong Kong-based Apex Motors, which is developing light track sports cars, will show the AP-0 electric supercar at the Geneva Motor Show. Its chassis is completely made of carbon plastic to maintain the weight of the car in the region of 1.2 thousand kg, and the car itself is described as “driver and aerodynamic”.

On the only darkened image of the Apex AP-0, you can notice a longitudinal longitudinal keel with a stop signal, which is made of carbon fiber, aft of complex shape and turn signals located immediately behind the wheels. The car itself, apparently, is very compact.

As noted in Apex Motors, the chassis of the electric car is completely made of carbon fiber, and the mass is only 1200 kg. The 2-door will differ in acceleration dynamics: the manufacturer promises “provocative” handling, as well as stability at high speed and in corners.

At present, the Apex Motors model line is represented only by the AP-1 track sports car. It was built around a 65 kg carbon “bathtub” (it meets the requirements of the FIA) with steel pipe subframes and an adjustable double suspension on the front and rear. The landing of a motorist in the AP-1 for the most part is similar to the landing of a pilot in a Formula 1 car.