Coulthard: Success does not depend on the name, but on people

Coulthard: Success does not depend on the name, but on people

March 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Scotsman was involved in the development of Red Bull Racing and believes that the team has something that is now missing McLaren and Williams …

David Coulthard “Christian Horner was engaged in the daily management of Red Bull Racing, together with him we talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the team, about what you need to add, what people to invite. We worked so that the team won the respect in the paddock, and the result was a great success story. Red Bull Racing has the same base that Stewart GP and Jaguar had, but the culture and management style changed, people came with whom you can succeed.

I have always said that the sign above the door is not something that brings success. Earlier Blackberry or Nokia phones were popular, then they were ahead of Apple and other companies. Now through it pass McLaren and Williams. At one time they won many titles.

Success does not depend on the name, but on people. I do not believe that Williams or McLaren has no talented employees. Their problem is that these specialists did not find a suitable method of work that would help them to show the best sides of each of them.

Everyone on the team must simultaneously move in the same direction. This is the key point. One of the main abilities of Christian – he saw the talent and strengths of a person, invited him to a suitable position and maintained a strong relationship with him when this person was then inevitably tried to entice. ”