Coulthard: I’m surprised if Leclair does not rise to the podium

Coulthard: I’m surprised if Leclair does not rise to the podium

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This year, Ferrari updated the composition, signing a contract with the talented Charles Leclaire. Former Formula 1 racer, and now British Channel 4 television commentator David Coulthard, said that Scuderia is now more likely to beat Lewis Hamilton.

David Coulthard: “In my opinion, Vettel and Leclaire on the same team are a much more dangerous duet for racers for Lewis than Sebastian and Kimi. I doubted that Raikkonen would win a lot of races last season – and that’s what happened. But I would be surprised if this year, Leclair does not rise to the podium at least a couple of times. He is quite young, motivated and quick, so that will put pressure on Sebastian. And this will force not only Sebastian, but also Lewis to maintain a good shape.

Last year, in Maranello, they did not always optimally manage their trump cards. Not sure that Sebastian and Kimi really felt the full support of the team. To make Hamilton really think about it, Ferrari needs to work harder – the same goes for the riders.

I do not think that the pace of the pre-season tests was something of an attempt to exert psychological pressure on rivals – so to assert, it is necessary to analyze all the data. From my own experience, I know that on tests you can feel in great shape, but in the very first race everything changed a lot. I think, according to the results of the tests, Lewis and Valtteri honestly expressed their opinion, but all of this will pass the test only in Melbourne. ”