Corvette C6 styled as a 1967 model

Corvette C6 styled as a 1967 model

June 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the tuning company Karl Kustoms, which is located in the state of Iowa (USA), decided that there was nothing better than the classics and remade the modern 2013 Corvette of the year to the same car model 1967.

Over time, the automotive industry (and any other) becomes more and more developed. I would venture to suggest that the engineers of the 50s or even the 90s of the last century probably have the current supercars and especially the hypercars seem to be some kind of spacecraft.

But there are those who apparently believe that the best car design is exactly the old cars. That is, representatives of the so-called “old school”. Tuning atelier from Iowa that in the United States, is not the first year engaged in what makes the modern car “old” model. Of course, this only applies to appearance.

The resulting car can offer an extraordinary contrast between the 1967 and 2013 Corvette model. Its interior and power plant is completely modern, but the appearance just refers to the “old school”.

For the basis of their last project, they took the sixth generation Chevrolet Corvette and turned it into a version of this 1967 model. The “experimental” himself was assembled back in 2013. Under its hood is a powerful V-shaped engine with 8-cylinders, the working volume of which is 6.2 liters. Maximum power is 430 hp As a transmission, an 8-speed automatic was proposed.

One of the main features of the resulting car is another exhaust system. It is reported that the guys from Karl Kustoms manually made and assembled the body, which was from the 1967 Corvette.