Correa’s condition improved slightly

Correa’s condition improved slightly

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Juan Manuel Correa remains in a state of artificial coma in the intensive care unit of one of the London clinics, but all vital signs are “stable,” said the parents of the American rider.

Correa was seriously injured on August 31 during the Formula 2 race at Spa in an accident that claimed the lives of Antoine Hubert. If a week ago Juan-Manuel was still in critical condition, now, judging by the information coming from his family, one can already speak about positive dynamics.

“Our son remains in the intensive care unit at the hospital in London, we are next to him,” said a statement released by Correa’s parents, Juan Carlos and Maria. – With the support of the entire racing community, our friends, family, our country and fans, we continue to pray for Juan Manuel.

He remains in a state of artificial coma so that his lungs are at maximum rest. It is still connected to the ECMO apparatus, and many important vital indicators have improved slightly, while others are practically intact. Doctors remind us that while there is a positive trend, even insignificant, this is all that you can wish for at the moment. All vital signs remain stable.

Doctors confirm that our son has multiple severe fractures. When the condition of his lungs improves sufficiently, additional operations will be required.

We would like to thank everyone and everyone who called, sent messages and wrote to us through social networks. We get all this and read to Juan Manuel. Your letters help him fight and never give up. When he regains consciousness, they will become for him the most important source of motivation. We invite fans and friends to continue to send support words via social networks or Thanks again for your support. ”