Coronavirus Red Ferrari and AlphaTauri Bases in the Red Zone

Coronavirus Red Ferrari and AlphaTauri Bases in the Red Zone

March 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian government has expanded the list of regions where the epidemiological situation is considered dangerous. A few days ago, due to an outbreak of coronavirus, there were only a few provinces in the “red zone”, now their number has increased to 12, and the number of cases per day has increased significantly.

Now in the “red zone” where quarantine is declared, Modena is also located – there is the Ferrari base in Maranello, and Emilia-Romagna, where AlphaTauri is located in Faenza. By decision of the government, the “red zones” are forbidden to leave and visit without special permission. Obviously, for team members they will be received.

All schools, universities, museums, sports facilities, cultural centers and ski resorts are closed until April 3. Canceled leave from health workers.

The teams introduced internal restrictions, switched to closed mode and monitor the health of employees. Many have already flown to Australia for the first stage of the season, the rest will fly in the coming days, there are no serious reasons for concern yet, but the work of Italian teams at the beginning of the season will be seriously complicated.

In the “red zone” are also the headquarters of Pirelli and Magneti Marelli.