Coronavirus detected in Pirelli employee

Coronavirus detected in Pirelli employee

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Yesterday in Melbourne was supposed to pass the first Grand Prix of the season, canceled due to coronavirus, but not all employees of teams and companies immediately returned to Europe.

Pirelli confirmed – one of the employees’ test for coronavirus was positive – it was sent for treatment.

“Yesterday in Melbourne, one of the employees of the Pirelli team in Formula 1 passed a positive test for Covid-19. This staff member is currently undergoing appropriate procedures as determined by the Australian health authorities. They confirmed that the employee had no contact with third parties, which would require preventive measures for other people. Pirelli is closely monitoring the situation in accordance with public health policies and company guidelines, ”Pirelli said in a statement.

Pirelli employee is the second in the paddock to have coronavirus confirmed after the McLaren tanker.