Corinna Schumacher turned to the fans

Corinna Schumacher turned to the fans

December 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Corinna Schumacher, the wife of seven-time world champion, made a rare appeal to the fans – this happened on the eve of the 6th anniversary of the dramatic incident in the French Alps, as a result of which Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury and has not appeared in public since.

On December 29, Michael’s fan club, which exists in Germany in the city of Kerpen, where he grew up and took his first steps in motorsport, opens a new page on social networks under the motto KeepFighting Michael to remind the world of the outstanding legacy of the German rider.

“Big things start with small steps. Of the many small elements, a huge mosaic can form, ”Corinne addressed the fans. “Together you are stronger – that is how the KeepFighting movement, combining the efforts of people, helps them maintain hope.”

Rainer Ferling, chairman of the Kerpen fan club, said he hoped to see Michael Schumacher someday: “Unfortunately, the sixth anniversary of Michael’s accident is approaching. Behind six years, filled with the hope that one day he will reappear in public.

We know that Michael is in good hands, he is surrounded by love and is safe. Michael may believe that he was lucky, because he has such a strong family. Our fan club will try to provide any support possible. ”

For all six years, the family of Michael Schumacher has been doing everything to ensure an atmosphere of complete privacy in his Swiss estate and to minimize information about the condition of the rider. Access to the house is available only to medical professionals and literally to several closest friends, in particular, FIA President Jean Todt and Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown are in this circle.