Corinna Schumacher: I will never forget that I owe everything to my husband

Corinna Schumacher: I will never forget that I owe everything to my husband

November 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Corinna Schumacher, wife of the seven-time world champion, rarely gives interviews. At least, this has not happened since the beginning of the year, when she stated that the best specialists were entrusted with the care of Michael.

However, Ms. Schumacher made an exception for the She’s Magazine women’s magazine, and together with her daughter Gina-Maria, they talked about some aspects of their lives. The main topic of the interview is equestrian sport, because Michael has always supported this passion.

“When I was 30 years old, I dreamed that I had a horse, and he flew with me to Dubai to see the Arabian horses,” Corinna recalls. This began her serious hobby for horses, and in 2005, on the tenth anniversary of the wedding, Michael gave his wife a whole ranch. And in 2010, Corinna Schumacher became the European Western Riding Champion.

“I will never forget who I owe it to. My husband Michael, ”she said.

22-year-old Gina Maria followed her mother’s example, also took up this sport and won the European Championship last summer.

“I’m happy because she does what she likes, and she has already achieved a lot,” Corinna said. – Once my husband said that the day will come when Gina will surpass me, and then I did not really like it. I thought: “Why did he decide so? It’s because I work with horses from morning to evening, I try to learn everything.”

But he explained: “You are too kind. Gina also takes care of horses very well, but she knows how to say no and get her way.” And he saw this in her when Gina was only 11 years old. He turned out to be right: now she is doing a much better job than me. ”

Gina-Maria also shared her memories of one episode that determined her career, because it was her father who advised her to go in for horse riding: “He then said that if you go karting, then after a training or race, the car is put in the garage. And horses should always be taken care of, every day. ”

Apparently, the topic of health of the seven-time world champion in an interview that did not concern all fans was not addressed at all.