Coolest steering wheels in modern cars named

Coolest steering wheels in modern cars named

April 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Today the editors of decided to make a small review of the steering wheels that are installed in modern cars.

The first thing that any car enthusiast pays attention to when getting into the car is, in fact, the steering wheel. Today we will divide all the variety into three conventional parts – technological, ergonomic and design. Let’s make a reservation right away that we will not take into account the steering wheels of concept cars, otherwise this article risks turning into a real novel. Also, custom controls and steering wheels made by third parties such as MOMO or Nismo will not be counted here.

So, let’s begin. The first category of “cool” steering wheels is technological. By this term we mean steering wheels that make it easier for the driver to drive. This includes the BMW M Performance steering wheel, which is installed in the BMW M4 model. It has an Alcantara finish for a better grip, a puffy rim and a special indicator that notifies the driver to change gears – simple and very convenient. Similar controls are used by the Ferrari brand in their sports cars.

Another technological steering wheel is the steering wheel installed in the Range Rover SUV. It has backlit touch buttons and looks very curious when turned off. Of course, a similar solution can be found in other manufacturers, for example, Volkswagen, but the very concept of the steering wheel is boring there – it is plastic and nothing more remarkable. It is worth noting that the touch buttons on such controls themselves are not very convenient things – you cannot feel them blindly, and false alarms are quite frequent.

The second category of rudders is comfortable rudders. There is much more room for thought here – almost any steering wheel installed in sports models falls into the category. For example, the acclaimed sports cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini are equipped with comfortable steering wheels with a puffy rim and a sloping bottom. Here all the tides for the fingers and the materials with which they are sheathed are calculated. In some cases, as we said above, the steering wheels are equipped with special indicators that notify the driver about the need to shift up.

One should not think that comfortable steering wheels are installed only in Italian sports cars costing several hundred thousand dollars. Similar solutions can be found in German “charged” cars. An example of this are steering wheels from the Audi RS and Mercedes-AMG. Just look at them! It seems that the title “thickest rim” will go to the steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT model. It is worth noting that in the case of sports car steering wheels there are no touch buttons – only physical buttons and controls! Of course, because behind the wheel of a fast car there is no time to find the right button – all attention should be focused on the road.

Apart from this list, we put the steering wheel from the McLaren Senna sports car, which is simply a model of ergonomics and simplicity – carbon fiber, expensive leather and a noticeable zero mark, which is hard not only not to notice, but also not to feel with your hands. By the way, the entire interior of the model suggests that the car was created in order to set a lap record on any race track.

Finally, the third category is interesting and special steering wheels. The rudders of French brands automatically fall here – just look at their shape! Such a steering wheel cannot be called “classic” in any case – it has a strange shape and is often made with the use of expensive materials. As an example, we will give the steering wheel of the DS9 sedan and the recently presented hatchback Peugeot 308. True, it is worth giving the designers of these brands their due – such steering wheels are suitable for their cars.

In the same category, you can safely write down the fresh trend of Korean designers – two-spoke steering wheels. Such steering wheels can be seen not only in Genesis cars, but also in other Korean manufacturers. These controls are literally eye-catching due to the unusual spokes, expensive materials and the void in the top and bottom half. The buttons are physical, which is good news.

Another special steering wheel can be called the “steering wheel” of the updated Tesla Model S. In its shape, it really resembles an airplane steering wheel. According to some reports, what we were shown in February is just a prototype of an updated electric car interior. However, numerous tests by foreign bloggers indicate that production cars will still receive just such a detail. In our opinion, this shape is the most strange and inconvenient when driving, as well as inconvenient in terms of hand position. But what can I say – the updated Model S will lose the physical gear selector lever, instead, the user is prompted to switch between driving modes using the touch screen. By the way, you will not find a lever for turning on the turn indicator in the interior of the updated electric car.

Finally, the crown of the design idea is the steering wheel from the Spyker C8 sports car. Just look at it – four metal spokes arranged symmetrically, leather trim and a puffy rim. Yes, there are no tides for thumbs and buttons for controlling the multimedia system, but all this will be simply superfluous here. In general, the entire interior of this model is distinguished by an abundance of polished metal and naked mechanisms of the pedals and gear lever.