Convert a car to solar energy

Convert a car to solar energy

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Yakima introduced the CBX Solar car trunk with a solar panel installed.

About it writes New Atlas. The electricity that the box collects is enough for lighting and charging gadgets, the newspaper notes.

A copper-indium-gallium selenide solar panel is capable of generating power up to 36 watts. The authors of the development note that the photovoltaic module is designed in such a way as to withstand sudden changes in temperature, and also has a shockproof housing that can protect it from stones and other objects.

The solar-powered CBX Solar box was developed by the company in collaboration with Sunflare startup. Connecting devices for lighting the camp or charging gadgets is carried out through two USB ports mounted in the box.

The development was presented at the Outdoor + Snow Show exhibition. The cost of the panel is $ 1299, its sales will begin in August 2020.