Continental wants to make trams absolutely safe

Continental wants to make trams absolutely safe

July 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the German company, they decided to postpone the already applied and promising solutions for active safety to rail public transport.

The German company within the framework of the Vizion Zero project, that is, the program to achieve zero mortality on the roads, will present at the September exhibition InnoTech a project to improve the safety of rail public transport. First of all, we are talking about trams, but similar systems are planned to be installed in the future on monorails as well as on in-city rail transport.

“Safe mobility in the future also means safety on rail transport and goes beyond automobilization. We have solutions, experience and know-how that will significantly reduce the unfortunate and fatalities on rail public transport, ” – says Hans-Jurgen Dusving, who heads the railway security at Continental.

The company proposes to transfer the solutions that are designed for cars to rail transport. So, trams can be equipped with sensors and radars, which will be used to quickly detect pedestrians and other objects at stops and in close proximity to trams. At the same time, trams, just like cars, can be equipped with an emergency automatic braking system. The tram driver will be able to monitor what is happening on the monitor in the cabin with the help of a circular video review system.

According to German insurers, from 2009 to 2011 only in Germany there were 4,100 accidents involving trams. They all happened at or near the crossroads. Continental also suggests equipping road infrastructure with radars and sensors that will transmit data to the driver of trams.