Continental promised to make electric cars more efficient

Continental promised to make electric cars more efficient

October 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Modern electric cars

Modern electric cars are a big step in technological progress. Scientists and engineers have to solve many problems, and one of them is the efficiency of the climate system, which Continental offers a new technology.

Modern electric cars have become a real engine of progress in recent years. The newest developments in the electrification and energy efficiency segment are rapidly being developed and introduced into new car models. The company Continental announced the readiness of its own climate system, which can raise the efficiency of electric cars and hybrids by 25-30%.

In the framework of the international conference Future Mobility Conference 2018, which was held in Hangzhou, Continental introduced a climate system, to be more precise, a “temperature control system”. To create a new system, several modern developments from other industries were used, successfully solving the issue of energy efficiency and temperature control.

As representatives of the company noted, the heating and cooling system of the entire vehicle is combined into a single chain with the help of multiport valves. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of the passenger compartment, engine and batteries in a wide range, constantly maintaining the most efficient or comfortable temperature, redistributing it to the most important places in the car.

Thus, the system allows not to warm up the entire cabin of the car, but to direct the flow of warm air to where it is needed. It also regulates the flow of coolant in the engine and battery pack, helping to maintain the maximum effective temperature for them.

In other words, engineers have achieved high efficiency from the system, using each joule of heat energy for its intended purpose. According to preliminary information – this can increase the range of electric cars from 20 to 30%. Including by maintaining the most favorable temperature of the battery for its charge from the recovery system.

At the moment, the system is already on the production site in China, and the output of the first production batch is scheduled for 2019. About the cost is not reported.