Continental offers to save with a new summer tire

Continental offers to save with a new summer tire

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new development of Continental, the EcoContact 6 model, has even lower rolling resistance and wears out longer than other tires.

Continental launches the new EcoContact 6 summer tire with improved rolling resistance and increased wear resistance. It is noteworthy that the characteristics obtained did not make it necessary to sacrifice braking efficiency on different surfaces and controllability.

During the tests of the EcoContact 6 tires, a reduction in the load on the engine and the brake system was detected. As a result, engineers have achieved fuel economy and increase the resource of other components and assemblies of the car. In terms of the average, the new tire was tested much more than the tires of many competitors. Summarizing this figure, engineers are talking about an extra, or rather an additional season of tire service.

To achieve improved performance, the developers used several advanced technologies to create the tire.

First, the tire is made of high-tech rubber compound Green Chilli 2.0. It is characterized by a high content of silica, high-strength polymer compounds and the fact that the molecules in the mixture are distributed in a special way. This is what allowed to reduce the deformation and thereby reduce rolling resistance. At the same time, the tire grip qualities did not suffer: they remained the same elastic and tenacious.

Secondly, the tread pattern has been optimized, which is asymmetric in this model. It is distinguished by a minimum of “joints”, which is perfectly reflected in the coupling properties of the tire and on its acoustic comfort, on the drainage of water from the contact patch and on the same rolling resistance. It should be noted that the number of longitudinal ribs and channels depends on the tire size: that is why the developers had three tread options. In order for the coupling properties of large sizes to correspond to the mass of cars on which tires are installed, the tread has from 3 to 5 longitudinal drainage channels with two, three and four longitudinal central edges, respectively.

Thirdly, the developers took care not only about the optimization of the tread, but also solved the problem of deformation and “breaking up” the edges of the tread in turns and with active maneuvering. To do this, they gave the edges of the blocks and the ribs facing the outside a rounded section in shape. At the same time, the opposite edges retained their sharp edges. Separate faces of the lamellae and grooves were rounded to improve grip performance under longitudinal loads: acceleration and deceleration.

The new tire Continental EcoContact 6 has a wide range of sizes. There are 127 in total. Therefore, tires are suitable for any passenger cars: compact class and family models, business class, small and large crossovers.

Thus, in Continental declare that new EcoContact 6 summer tires allow to save on several items of expenses at once: at gas stations and rubber replacement due to wear.